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You can print the Travel-Themed Card Game (printable version slightly modified by us) and enjoy playing the game with your family and/or friends during the holidays and not only. You will find the rules inside the printable game and/or below.



The first player to “travel” to the center country wins. But first, each player must travel through their own country.

Each country requires 3 items. You must have these items, and your passport, to travel there. Your hand is like your backpack - pack what you need!

To get these items you draw, recycle or trade with other players.


1. Passports

​Every player takes a passport to their hand. Put away the remaining passports.

2. Countries

On the table, place 1 random country card in front of every player. Place 1 random country card in the center.

Put away the remaining countries.

3. Draw Pile and Starting Hand

Shuffle all “Item” cards to form the draw pile. ​Every player draws 3 cards from the draw pile.

4. Extensions

Shuffle any desired extension cards in the draw pile. You are recommended to play your first game without extensions.


The player whose country card is closest (in the real world) to the one in the center starts. ​The game continues clockwise.


​On your turn, you must perform one of the following actions:


Take 1 card from the draw pile. You can draw if your hand is full, but you must discard down to 7 afterwards.


Cost: Discard 2 cards from your hand. Take 1 card of your choice from the discard pile. You can look through the discard pile (at any time) to see if there's anything you need or want.


Trade 1 or more cards with 1 other player. Face up!

Bonus: Draw 1 card if you complete a trade you initiated on your turn.

- Trading is initiated by either offering something or asking for something.

- ​The number of traded cards do not have to be equal. For example, you can trade 3 cards for 2 cards, as long as both players agree to the trade.

- The trade action is only completed after cards are exchanged. If an offer is made but the other player doesn't accept, you may choose another action.

- You only draw a bonus card if the trade is successful, and only if the trade is on your turn.


(See: "Traveling" section below)

​After an action is completed, your turn is over.​


Hand Size Limit

You can have a maximum of 7 cards in your hand (including passports & special items). If at any point you have more than 7 cards, discard down to 7.

Empty Hand

If at the start of your turn your hand is empty, draw 3 cards. This doesn’t count as an action.

Empty Draw Pile

When the final card in the draw pile is pulled, reshuffle the discard pile (including all events, forbidden items, etc.) and turn over to form a new draw pile. Continue playing.


On your turn, you can travel to a country when you have:

- All items required for the country

- A passport. You can travel with any passport. If you lose your passport, just trade another one.

When you travel:

Show your full hand to the other players. Discard the 3 items used to travel. Keep your passport and the rest. Remove the completed country from the play area. Draw 1 free card from the deck.

If you are the first to travel to the center country, congratulations! You win!


Add one, some, or all the following card types to your game to extend the fun!


After setup phase 3, shuffle all events into the draw pile. Must be played immediately when drawn. Affects all players. Cannot be recycled from the discard pile.


After setup phase 3, shuffle all special items into the draw pile. Use the items as described on the card.​

Some Special Items take one of your actions. Others can be played at any time. This is written on the card.

- If you interrupt another player’s action/turn with a special item (such as the Mousetrap), this ends their turn.

- ​Mom’s Credit Card cannot replace a passport or a postcard.

- The Local Guide and Trading Post only apply to the draw pile, not the discard pile.

- The Poorly Drawn Map cannot be used on the center country, only on player countries.


After setup phase 3, shuffle all forbidden items into the draw pile. A player cannot travel with a forbidden item in hand. To get rid of a forbidden item, you must discard 1 other card, and put both in the discard pile. This counts as your turn.

- You cannot discard a forbidden item to pay for the Recycle actions.

- If you have too many cards in your hand and must discard down, you cannot discard a forbidden item.

- You cannot discard a forbidden item to discard another forbidden item.

- You can trade a forbidden item with another player, if they accept the trade.


After setup phase 3, shuffle all postcards in the draw pile. Alternative win scenario! A player with 4 Postcards wins instantly - this is not an action that needs to happen on a player’s turn.

Played with someone special? Ask the person to write a little message on one of the postcards! It’ll always be a reminder of good times had with good people.


During setup phase 1, Place 1 character in front of every player, face up. Put away the remaining characters. Characters cannot be traded. The Smuggler can only give out forbidden items from their hand.