What country should I visit? - Quiz

Before planning your next vacation, take our travel quiz (What country should I visit? - Quiz) and find out where should you travel next by answering the questions below. You will need a pen and a piece of paper to write your answers (for e.g. 1 A, 2 B, etc.).

 1. What drink would you most likely sip on?

  • A) Sangria
  • B) Wine
  • C) Coffee
  • D) Whiskey
  • E) Aperol Spritz
  • F) Cocktail
  • G) Liqueur
  • H) Beer
  • I) Sugar cane juice

 2. What would be a perfect place for swimming?

  • A) A pink sand beach with turquoise water
  • B) I don’t like swimming very much
  • C) Crystal clear mountain pools and waterfalls
  • D) A sandy beach enclosed within towering limestone cliffs
  • E) A beach with sparkling multicoloured quartz crystals and emerald water
  • F) A Caribbean beach with white sand and turquoise water
  • G) A lake situated in the crater of a dormant volcano
  • H) A nice lake or river in a unique natural landscape
  • I) A large desert soft sand beach with swaying coconut palms

 3. What would you do during your ideal vacation?

  • A) Discover fairy-tale architecture
  • B) Visit enormous underground wine cellars
  • C) Embark on an off-road adventure around giant dunes
  • D) Dig into a different culture and discover iconic temples
  • E) Admire Renaissance art work
  • F) Relax on a tropical beach all day long
  • G) Explore unusual buildings and monuments decorated with glazed blue ceramic tiles
  • H) Visit stunning natural sites: lush green forests, hidden lakes, and coastal wetlands
  • I) Enjoy breathtaking mountainscapes

 4. What is your favourite mode of transport?

  • A) Bus
  • B) Trolleybus
  • C) Car
  • D) Tuk-tuk
  • E) Vespa
  • F) Boat
  • G) Tram
  • H) Bicycle
  • I) Motorbike

 5. Which dish makes your mouth water?

  • A) Paella with seafood
  • B) A cornmeal thick porridge served with fried fish and garnished with sheep cheese
  • C) A slow-cooked savoury stew made with poultry together with vegetables
  • D) A spicy shrimp soup
  • E) Pizza
  • F) Fried rice and black beans served with fried eggs and sour cream
  • G) Codfish with straw potatoes, garlic, hard boiled eggs, olives and olive oil
  • H) Potato dumplings stuffed with spiced ground meat
  • I) A rice noodle soup seasoned in a unique way

 6. What is your favourite month to go travelling (choose one from the months below)?

  • A) October
  • B) July
  • C) November
  • D) December
  • E) June
  • F) February
  • G) May
  • H) September
  • I) March

7. What word best describes you?

  • A) Outgoing
  • B) Adventurous
  • C) Friendly
  • D) Hard-working
  • E) Emotional
  • F) Polite
  • G) Kind
  • H) Calm
  • I) Easy-going

 8. What would you pack before each trip?

  • A) A casual jacket
  • B) A warm coat
  • C) A sun hat
  • D) A water bottle
  • E) Sunglasses
  • F) A sun cream
  • G) Flat shoes
  • H) Thermal socks
  • I) Flip flops

 9. What is your dream accommodation?

  • A) A luxury hotel
  • B) A wine chateau
  • C) A tent
  • D) A nice guesthouse
  • E) A cruise ship
  • F) A beachside resort
  • G) An eco-friendly hotel
  • H) An elegant boutique hotel
  • I) Anywhere I can lay my head

 10. Which experience is the most exciting for you?

  • A) Cross a strait connecting two continents by ferry
  • B) Discover an underground city in an electric train
  • C) Travel through the desert oasis being escorted by a sea of date palms
  • D) Enjoy a bath with elephants in an ecological park
  • E) Row a boat to enter a sea cave which has a beautiful blue reflection
  • F) Listen to birds singing in the cloud forest canopy
  • G) Stroll around the walls of a medieval castle that sits high on a craggy outcrop
  • H) Visit a beautiful red brick castle built on an island in the middle of a lake
  • I) Ride a motorbike through a scenic route winding through the mountains

 11. Who else is going on vacation with you?

  • A) I’m going on a solo trip
  • B) A group of friends
  • C) A friend or two
  • D) My future wife / husband
  • E) My boyfriend / girlfriend
  • F) My wife / husband and children
  • G) Just me and my children
  • H) Our whole big family
  • I) Just me and my wife / husband

 12. What would be a perfect sweet treat?

  • A) A creamy egg custard dessert topped with sugar syrup
  • B) Thin pancakes filled with sour cherries and spread with sour cream blended with sugar
  • C) A dessert composed of layers of crisp and flaky pastry, sweet honey and lemon glaze
  • D) A crepe with cotton candy
  • E) Ice cream
  • F) Just chocolate
  • G) A custard tart made with puff pastry and filled with egg custard
  • H) A rectangular-shaped dessert made of soft curd cheese and covered in dark chocolate
  • I) A honeycomb cake full of pandan flavour

 13. When it comes to travel, what's your biggest obstacle?

  • A) Connectivity (Wi-Fi)
  • B) Unpredictable weather
  • C) Scheduling
  • D) Budget
  • E) A totally different language
  • F) Travel anxiety
  • G) Not knowing how to get around
  • H) Strange food
  • I) Not knowing how friendly local people are

 14. What is your favourite colour?

  • A) White
  • B) Green
  • C) Orange
  • D) Gold
  • E) Blue
  • F) Turquoise
  • G) Navy
  • H) Red
  • I) Yellow

 15. You have just arrived at the destination. What is the next thing you do?

  • A) Sleep, I will recharge my batteries for tonight’s flamenco class
  • B) Wander around the city centre
  • C) Book a 4x4 tour around giant dunes
  • D) Get a drink at a sky bar
  • E) Go to a local restaurant
  • F) Head straight to the beach
  • G) Visit a food market
  • H) Wander around the old town of the city
  • I) Explore a narrow train street lined with local homes

 16. How do you prefer to eat your eggs for breakfast?

  • A) Combined with potatoes (tortilla)
  • B) Scrambled
  • C) Poached
  • D) Crispy fried
  • E) Combined with cheese and vegetables (frittata)
  • F) Fried with a runny yolk
  • G) Hard-boiled
  • H) Combined with bacon and potatoes
  • I) Combined with glass noodles (Asian-style omelette)

 17. What souvenir would you bring home from your vacation?

  • A) Turron
  • B) A wowen basket
  • C) Argan oil
  • D) Spa products
  • E) Cheese
  • F) A bamboo shirt
  • G) Canned sardines
  • H) Traditional knitwear
  • I) A conical hat

 18. What would you like to do on the weekend?

  • A) Explore a new neighbourhood
  • B) Attend an outdoor music concert
  • C) Visit a local market
  • D) Enjoy a relaxing massage
  • E) Go shopping
  • F) Participate in a yoga class
  • G) Read a good book
  • H) Take a road trip
  • I) Go on a new hike

 19. What is your favourite fruit?

  • A) Orange
  • B) Peach
  • C) Pomegranate
  • D) Mango
  • E) Strawberry
  • F) Banana
  • G) Pear
  • H) Apple
  • I) Jackfruit

 20. Which of these subcontinents appeals to you the most?

  • A) Western Europe (preferably Spain)
  • B) Eastern Europe
  • C) Northern Africa
  • D) Southeast Asia (preferably Thailand)
  • E) Southern Europe
  • F) The Caribbean
  • G) Western Europe (preferably Portugal)
  • H) Northern Europe
  • I) Southeast Asia (preferably Vietnam)


Mostly A) answers: Spain

Mostly B) answers: Moldova

Mostly C) answers: Morocco

Mostly D) answers: Thailand

Mostly E) answers: Italy

Mostly F) answers: Costa Rica

Mostly G) answers: Portugal

Mostly H) answers: Lithuania

Mostly I) answers: Vietnam