The natural springs of Pré Saint Didier are located upstream of the Verney Torrent confluence and were already known in Roman times. However, their use began in the middle of the 1600s, when the first foreigners came to the Alpine basin to try them. In fact, the first tourism in Aosta Valley was due to the therapeutic use of the thermal spas, which for over 150 years were one of the main attractions of the region.
The thermal establishment, which was built in 1834, is connected to the Ancien Casinò building dating back to 1888, through an underground corridor. The building hosts innovative thermal facilities and has areas dedicated to mud-treatments and relaxing and toning massages for the whole body.
Today, Pré Saint Didier Thermal Spa complex boasts whirlpool baths with varying intensities, more
relaxing baths with still water and underwater music, themed saunas in wooden chalets, toning cascades, aromatic steam baths, aromatherapy rooms, relaxation rooms and much more. The “piece de resistance” though lies in the gardens where three magnificent open-air thermal pools stand in a stunning natural setting overlooking Mont Blanc. The pools surrounded by snow in winter and a green valley in summer offer sunlounger areas with whirlpool baths and incomparable views of Mont Blanc massif. Some wooden chalet saunas with views over Mont Blanc from the windows complete the thermal garden. Due to the presence of iron, the hot water (36° C) helps your skin to become soft and facilitates blood circulation.
Just a few minutes from the village of Saint-Vincent flows a valuable thermal spring with precious water discovered in 1770 by a naturalist abbot. The hot spring was called Fons Salutis (the spring of health) due to its distinctive curative properties. The rich mineral water is thought to help with stomach, intestine, liver and biliary tract diseases, metabolic disorders, diabetes, obesity, childhood gastro-intestinal disorders and most respiratory tract diseases. Mineral water drinking treatments are also available. The water carries out a balancing, regulating function of the gastroenteric system and is drunk on an empty stomach (hydrotherapy treatment) for this purpose. Inhalation therapy is used for inflammatory disorders of the respiratory tracts.
Saint-Vincent Thermal Spa has three indoor pools and one outdoor pool, more
each with different hydromassage and water jet systems, three saunas with different temperatures and humidity levels, a Turkish bath (hammam), emotional showers, an ice cascade and a relax area, where guest can find herbal teas, a panoramic terrace with three Jacuzzis and an Eco-Wood sauna. Massotherapy (the practice of therapeutic massage) is also carried out in the Spa complex.